Neil Williamson. Fish on Fridays. (Interzone #256, Jan-Feb 2015)

interzone256Four-pager from Williamson which is a treat. Non-Brits will struggle to get all the references in a story of a near-future Scotland in which the government has moved from simply offering health advice, to a much more pro-active method, as we see from a woman trying her best to get around the all-seeing eye (her refrigerator is complicit in this) of The Agency for Sport, Diet and Technology Empowering Scotland’s Citizens (aka ASDaTESCo).

The story is a transcript of one side of a telephone conversation between an agent of ASDaTESCo and one Ms. MacArthur, and the agent tries to gently steer her back onto the straight and narrow of a healthy eating regime. In this process there are some blackly comic touches throughout, and good to find out that in the end that whilst the agent thinks they have succeeded, it might not be quite so clear cut a case.

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