Nebula Awards 19. edited by Marta Randall.

One of the pleasures, for me, in getting previously owned books from the Internet is wondering just where the book has been in its life. This volume has been withdrawn from the Marian Sutherland Kirby Library, which, according to its website has been serving Mountain Top and Luzerne County since 1985. (So a big hello to fellow librarians in Mountain Top, PA!)

What of the content?

Greg Bear. Hardfought. Originally in Asimovs, Feburary 1983, and Best Novella. (Runners up : Michael Bishop. The Gospel According to Gamaliel Crucis; Michael Bishop. Her Habiline Husband; Avram Davidson. Esterhazy and the Autogondola-Invention; Vonda N. McIntyre. Transit.; Robert Silverberg. Homefaring)

Gardner Dozois. The Peacemaker. Best Short Story. (Nominees : Leigh Kennedy. Her Furry Face. Jack McDevitt. Cryptic.; Chad Oliver. Cryptic.; Chad Oliver. Ghost Town.; Hilbert Schenck. The Geometry of Narrative.; William F. Wu. Wong’s Lost and Found Emporium.)

Ian Watson. Slow Birds. nominee for Best Novelette.

Greg Bear. Blood Music. Best Novelette. (Nominees : Jack Dann. Blind Shemmy.; George R.R. Martin. The Monkey Treatment.; Kim Stanley Robinson. Black Air.; Bruce Sterling. Cicada Queen.; Connie Willis. The Sidon in the Mirror.)

Robert Silverberg. Homefaring. nominee for Best Novella.

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