Nebula Award Stories 4. ed. Poul Anderson. 1969

Celebrating the 1968 Nebula Awards, which had 18 nominated stories across the three short story categories.

Richard Wilson. Mother to the World.
Originally in : Orbit 3

Post-Apocalypse Adam and Eve, with re-population requiring a ‘mentally retarded’ mother and mother-son incest. Nebula Award, Best Novelette, 1968.

Terry Carr. The Dance of the Changer and the Three.

Kate Wilhelm. The Planners.

Nebula Award, Best Short Story, 1968.

H. H. Hollis. Sword Game.

James E. Gunn. The Listeners.
Originally in : Galaxy Science Fiction

Taut psychological drama, following the head of a team who has many years leading a SETI team monitoring the radio waves, as the project comes under financial threat, and his relationship with his wife reaches a head.

Anne McCaffrey. Dragonrider.
Originally in : Analog.

Nebula Award, Best Novella, 1968.

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