Nebula Award Stories 3. ed. Roger Zelazny. 1968

Celebrating the 1967 Nebula Awards, which had 16 stories nominated in the three short story categories. But not all the stories in this volume were nominees according to the SFWA Nebula Awards 1967 page. Go figure.

J.G. Ballard. The Cloud Sculptors of Coral D.
Originally in : The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, December 1867.

Vermillion Sands, and the portraits of Leonara Chanel.

Harlan Ellison. Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes.
Originally in : Knight Magazine

Kostner, down on his luck, plays the silver-dollar slot-machine. The slot that Maggie has played previously. Maggie is now part of the slot, and her blue eyes peer out at him. His luck changes. Classy.

Gary Wright. Mirror of Ice.
Originally in : Galaxy

The Stuka is a 20km bobsleigh run, in which the sleds are powered, and the risks are high.

Samuel R. Delany. Aye, and Gomorrah.
Originally in : Dangerous Visions

Spacers, very different to terrans, debauch. Nebula Award, Best Short Story, 1967. (And also a Hugo).

Fritz Leiber. Gonna Roll the Bones.
Originally in : Dangerous Visions

Joe Slattermill faces The Big Gambler across a table, playing dice. Very high odds. Nebula Award, Best Novelette, 1967.

Michael Moorcock. Behold the Man.
Originally in :

Glogauer travels back in time to seek the truth about Jesus. Nebula Award, Best Novella 1967.

Anne McCaffrey. Weyr Search.
Originally in : Analog, October 1967

Lessa of Pern, from disposessed noblewoman to Weyrwoman to Ramoth the Golden.

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