Neal Barrett Jr. Where. (Asimovs, March 2011).

A neat, original little story from Barrett, very much the type of story he writes, and which, sadly, so few others appear to attempt.

The editorial intro gives one the on hand some interesting insight into Barrett’s thinking around this story, but which also, on the other hand, perhaps spoils the fun for the reader a little bit, as they are expecting something a bit different. Perhaps I’ll resist reading the intros until after the stories in future.

And on that basis, I’m not going to give much away in this review, other than to say that Barrett gives a fairly full rein to his imagination, doesn’t try to explain the whys and wherefores, and gives us a slightly skew-whiff future, with an interesting perspective, courtesy of tom, perry and jimmie who take a trip to the mawl and find something interesting.

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