Michael Arsenault. Residue. (Is Anybody Out There?)

Two lovers tear themselves away from the TV to lie on the grass looking up at the stars. Through the conversation, and the story is entirely the dialogue of that conversation, we hear the young man’s thoughts on a couple of solutions to the Fermi Paradox. The concluding one of which is quite a cute one (SPOILER : post WWII, Earth spends a couple of hundred years fighting of alien invasion. We finally succeed in defeating them by dint of inventing time travel, going back to 1949 and setting up a deep space armada to repel aliens arriving in our solar system. Through doing this, the future is changed, and thus everyone in 1949 forgets about invaders in space. But not entirely, and the leaking out of memories is the reason behind the glut of 1950s sf/horror movies featuring alien menace!)

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