Michael Alexander. Advances in Modern Chemotherapy. (Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/Aug 2010)

Alexander is evidently an analytical chemist who clearly draws on his professional expertise to create a story set in an oncology ward that rings true you can pretty much smell that awful chemical small that hospital wards invariably have.

As a new writer, writing about what you know is advice often given and generally followed, but whilst many authors at the start of their writing careers manage that, the next bit, writing a really good, impactful story, is generally beyond them. Alexander manages this.

Without being mawkish .. and big spoilers coming … his story about how those in the terminal stages of cancer are able to communicate telepathically, and to communicate telepathically with those past the terminal stages, if you get my drift, steers clear of mawkishness, and takes his main character, and the reader, to the brink of somewhere quite beyond our ken…

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