Lavie Tidhar. The Last Osama. (Interzone #237, Nov-Dec 2011)

Tidhar recently provided a story with multiple Che Gueveras (Best SF review here), and here he has multiple bin Ladens.

It’s a meta-fiction, tied in with his new novel ‘Osama’ from PS Publishing (link) – I’m not clear as to the relationship between the story and the novel – sidebar, or tangential – linking in to Tidhar’s own close run-in’s with ‘the war on turr’. Here he posits the killing/assassination of bin Laden as seeding further conflict, but sfnally through bin Laden sending out spores to infect those with revoluationary zeal (or at least the physical trappings of bin Laden). This happens as the world suddenly takes a very sudden turn for the worse/different, leaving the story a tale with American West settings, with tones of Apocaplypse Now, and an altogether multi-facted and clever piece of fiction(s).

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