Lavie Tidhar. The Insurance Agent. (Interzone #230, Sep-Oct 2010)

Tidhar espouses an ‘Alien Theory of Spiritual Beings’ which posits that figures of extraordinary spiritual power who have changed history, have been alien. (I’m hoping he has created this theory – I don’t want to google and find out that it really exists!)

Set on an island near Borneo, there’s a striking visual image to start the story, with a bar that had 3D-holo entertainment in the shape of fights between historial figures (Nixon v Reagan), but WWE is still going strong (as is the nth-generation of The Undertaker). Called in to protect on the of growing numbers of Spiritual Entities, the Insurance Agent in question finds himself deep in the woods, alone with her, and in deep doo-doo, as forces beyond his ken use him as a puppet in a display of love and war.

An imaginative piece.

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