KJ Kabza. The Bomb-Thing. (Fantasy and Science Fiction, Nov/Dec 2014)

fsf14112Chan Davis makes his second appearance this issue, by way of being the name of a research department in a university where some leading-edge research in underway.

Blaine works nearby, and Mason is his best friend. His very best friend. (But Blaine isn’t gay, he stresses). Into this mix comes a stunner, Phyllis, not dressed for the season, but dressed to grab Mason’s attention. She professes to be a math nerd and is keen to get access to the university, and Mason is pleased to offer his services (he has an ulterior motive).

However, it transpires that there is a reason for Phyllis looking out of this world, and Blaine, Mason and Phyllis find the ‘bomb-thing’ and suddenly they’re in all altogether different place, and all is revealed.

Blaine has to come to terms with the loss of his friendship with Mason, but Phyllis is surprisingly accommodating, and he does get the girl/guy in the end (but he’s not gay you understand).

A gently amusing story.

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