Kit Reed. Military Secrets. (Asimovs March 2015)

asimovs1503A dark story, only a few pages long, and somewhat unsettling as you try to understand just what is going on/what the author is driving at.

Reed looks at the nature of the impact of having a father declared ‘missing in action’, and puts forward a scenario of it being in a form of limbo that is literally like being in a bus with darkened windows, on a journey that never ends, but with others getting on and off the bus.

There’s a reference to British musician John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin in the final paragraph that confuses. Only joking, as presumably it’s the Scotsman who is remembered as father of the US Navy, whom is being referenced. Mind you, John Paul Jones status of ‘father of the US Navy’ is seen as one he shared with one John Barry, film score musician of James Bond fame. What are the odds of that?

I’m quite happy to ‘fess up to perhaps missing something in the story!

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