Joseph Tomaras. Caribou: Documentary Fragments. (Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2016)

fsf160506Tomaras takes a near-future look at how serving military personnel can be helped when interrogating detainees by having their memories of the interrogation wiped from their minds. No problem with guilty pangs after the event.

A female Marine corporal and MP finds that in face the wipe hasn’t been successful, and she has flashbacks to her role in the sexual torture of detainees, and we follow several transcripts from various individuals as the veracity of her story is explored.

The mind-wipe is of course the sfnal element, although as is often the case in this kind of story, there’s no real need to create an sfnal element to explore and expose the horrors of combat, interrogation, and inhumanity – we seem to be able to carry on doing that without need for any hi-tech. But a nice structure from Tomaras, who is happy to shine an sfnal light, and not to pull any punches.

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