John Meaney. From the Heart. (New Space Opera 2).

Taut, far-future thriller. The main protagonist starts the story floating at the galactic core, left stranded in the vastness. He is feeling the loss of his love, and the need to warn humanity.

We then step back to follow him through the events that led him to this state – travelling incognito to an embargoed planet. There are several fellow passengers, some very shady, and an old flame of his, from Pilot school sets off some flashbacks to Graduation Day, a day of huge success for her, but public failure for him.

Except that, whilst his failure was a public one, it was a mask for his undercover career, and for abilities which he has to draw on as another’s hidden identity is revealed. He finds out some dark secrets, which threaten humanity, but is stranded in space. However, he is far from helpless, and the true love of his life is on hand…

The story works well, and the technology is a treat.

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