Joel Richards. Deep Diving. (Asimovs Oct/Nov 2013)

asimovs131011The Deep Diving of the title relates to the protagonist, part of small group of people who are able to connect with people and divine from their minds who they were in previous lives, and just how long their current life has yet to run. There’s a locked room mystery at the hub of the story, but with the protagonist fairly convinced he knows the guilty party. After esconcing himself in a chair and being visited by the First Officer, the reader is let into some of the political intrigue. Visiting the captain, esconced in a gimballed chair, the protagonist tutors him in how to deal with the AI-controlled ‘Fury’ that has been let loose to find the guily party/ies. There’s a denouement, with the First Officer brought to book, despite being esconced in the captain’s chair.

So, political intrigue in space, but slightly heavy-handed, and three references to people esconcing themselves in seats that you would have thought the author/editor would have spotted! Writers, eschew esconcement!

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