Joe McDermott. Paul and his son. (Asimovs April/May 2015)

asimovs150405An interesting look at a father’s (non) relationship with his son. The son is going through those awkward teen years, but his parent’s see it as more than that, with a self-destructive tendency that needs addressing – and with locking him in his bedroom, implanting him with chipas and other methods having failed, drugs appear to be the only solution.

However, whilst Paul’s own issues at that time of his life were helped by drugs, the current administration is far less willing to provide medication of this kind, and the black market appears to be the only solution.

The story is told through the father’s perspective, and for me the question is the extent to which his need to control the son’s behaviour is part of the problem. It would be interesting to have the story presented from the son’s perspective, as the story as it is addresses lack of ability to take care (or control) of a minor, whilst the other side of the equation is a young adult’s right to make decisions about their life.

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