Jerry Oltion. Planning Ahead. (F&SF Nov/Dec 2010)

Nathan’s evening with a new date goes well, and manages to survive the embarassment of there being no toilet paper in his apartment, and running out of scotch. However, when his bedside table drawer fails to furnish the necessary prophylactic, things go from bad to worse.

Nathan makes the fatal mistake of leaving his date in his apartment whilst he heads to a local store to replenish supplies. I mean, guys, you just never let the girl out of your sight in such situations do you? I know I certainly didn’t, and we’re still together 30 years later.

Too much information?

Anyhoo, Nathan feels the loss. Deeply. And he spends the rest of his life compensating for it by ensuring that he is stocked up with supplies for any circumstance. Until…

A gentle, amusing story, just right for Christmas Eve.

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