Jennifer Campbell-Hicks. Aphrodite’s Blood, Decanted. (Clarkesworld Magazine #120, September 2016)

clarkesworld120Online here.

Just under 2,500 words from an author new to me, as her work has appeared to date in Galaxy’s Edge, Intergalactic Medicine Show, and Nature, none of which I read.

The Factory AI reflects on the lack of workers and activity along the river, as a result of the nearby nuclear plant meltdown, and wonders if there is anything The Factory can do to resolve matters.

On a minor point, The Factory should really be The Winery, as it produces fine wines – and the nature of those wines has a key role to play, although I’m not entirely sure how a nanobot equivalent of viagra managed to do what it did do!

It’s a nice enough short story from a young writer, but not a standout.

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