Interzone #259 July/August 2015


E. Catherine Tobler. Silencer – Head Like a Hole Remix

A story in which neither the protagonists nor the reader knows the whys and wherefores of what is happening – Best SF Review

Chris Butler. The Deep of Winter.

A story which reads like the work of a novice writer – Best SF Review

Sara Saab. Rush Down, Roar Gently.

Near-future story with limited SFFnal elements – Best SF Review

Richard W. Strachan. After His Kind.

You would give your right arm in order to avoid a lifetime alone on a planet wouldn’t you? – Best SF Review

Rich Larson. Edited.

A bit of neural tweaking can iron out those awkward behavioural issues in children, just like braces straighten their teeth – Best SF Review

Mack Leonard. 2015 James White Award Winner: : Midnight Funk Association

Something is messing up the music in Detroit city, giving a bad vibe, and Bunchness is the dude to sort it out. Heavy on the dialogue, but a story that does not leap out as one by an unpublished writer.


A reasonable collection of stories, but nothing to really write home about.

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