Gwyneth Jones. The Ki-Anna. (Engineering Infinity)

A human from Mars has made the unsettling jump to a distant planet to try and find out what happened to his twin sister, reported dead.

It’s not a traditional whodunnit in space. Whilst the story begins, in third person, from his perspective, it shifts to each of the pair of bipedal sentients whom he has to get on his side to see the crime scene, and back to him, throughout. There’s also the An-he, the ruling prince of the community, and his unseen sister/bride, as another relationship. And also the fundamental symbiotic-ish (won’t give the game away) of the indigineous race(s), and there’s a chilling end as we find out just what has happened.

The shift in perspective is a touch unsettling, which makes for a more interesting reading experience.

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