Greg Egan. Uncanny Valley. ( August 2017)

Originally published online on Tor.Com

Read in : The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Three. (ed Neil Clarke, Nightshade Books 2018)

The story starts particularly well, with Adam turning up to what is in effect his own funeral, as he is a robot with the downloaded brain of the recently deceased. However the other family members are not happy to see this version of their departed elderly relative – issues over inheritance and the like.

The story then moves into an interesting take on the murder mystery. Adam is keen to find out if he murdered an ex-business associate. He’s not entirely sure, as he has gaps in his memory and those gaps were put there by his original self. Whilst interesting, and whilst the story is more than simply a whodunnit, I found the latter part didn’t quite live up to what the opening sections promised.

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