Felicity Shoulders. The Termite Queen of Tallulah County. (Asimovs Oct/Nov 2010)

A story which starts well, exploring the relationship between grandfather and founder of a termite eradication company, his son, and his son’s adult daughter under stress due to the son’s ill health.

But the story hinges on the reader being willing to accept that time travel has been licensed to termite control companies so that they can go back in time and treat infestations before they become too problematic. Too much of a stretch for me, to be honest. The daughter goes back in time and finds out that her father’s ill health is caused by him having used the kit too often, and having created problems in the past for his future self to earn money fixing.

Having gone back in time to tell her father of this folly, she returns to her own time to find that her father’s health has been restored.

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