Erik Amundsen. Pony. (Clarkesworld Magazine #61, October 2011)

A neat little story which takes a standard SF setting – a spacesuited protagonist outside of his spaceship and facing a risk – but looks at it several generations beyond the usual handling of such stories.

It’s online on Clarkesworld so read it here before the following may provide any spoilers, it’s not a long story, and worth the investment of your time (assuming you’re here on the basis of liking to read science fiction).

The pony wrangler has a touch of the cowboy about him, mulling over just how bad they day has become, and there are space pirates, but the ponies are something altogether different, and the story just has that little bit of extra imagination to mark it out from the herd, and a future setting that you would want to hear more about.

An author new to me, and he gets off on a good foot with Best SF.

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