Eric Schwitzgabel. Out of the Jar. (Fantasy and Science Fiction, Jan/Feb 2015)

fsf150102Neat story from an author new to me. The protagonist is fed up with the contrariness of God, and so lays out a message in his back yard asking for a dialogue.

Spoilers Ahead!

He gets some answers, but it’s very much a case of be careful of what you ask for, as he finds out that he’s living in a sim of Earth, not the real one, and, worserer, it’s an illegal sim, and worserer still, the sim is being run by a fairly unpleasant youth by the name of Yahweh.

As the teen gets extra features for the sim, unleashing all manner of godlike, and ungodlike plagues on the sim, the protagonist has two options : Plan A – reason, Plan B – direct action. And when Plan A fails, it’s time to turn to Plan B.

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