Elizabeth Moon. Chameleons. (New Space Opera 2).

A thriller set on board a spaceport, when a lengthier than planned stopover puts at risk a man and his two nephews. When he and one of the boys is identified and captured, it’s down to the remaining boy to step up to the plate, solve the mystery and free the captured pair.

It’s a story that with the minimum of fuss could be rewritten to a historical, contemporary, fantasy or whatever setting you fancy. One thing that does bug me is when writers don’t even both to make any changes to basic settings. At the port, a visit to a 24hr diner sees them sitting down to baked potatoes, steak, salad and stir-fried vegetables, followed by fruit cobbler. So, we’ve mastered intergalactic travel, but they’re still eating 20th century food?

One of the weaker stories in the volume.

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