E. Lily Yu. The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees. (Nebula Awards Showcase 2013)

nebula2013Originally in Clarkesworld Magazine – (and still there).

Nominated in the Best Short Story for both the Nebulas and the Hugos, it took me a few goes to get through a very short story. Online it didn’t grab me, and yesterday I had to break for explaining to an 8-month old cocker spaniel that bringing in a 9-foot runner from a wisteria was not a ‘good thing’. (Note to self : time to prune the wisteria).

So read the story, it’s not a long one. It’s elegantly written, a cautionary entomological political tale of colonialism, arrogance, suppression, repression, anarchism and, in the end, the futility of it all, especially in the face of higher powers.

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