Derek Kunsken. Ghost Colors. (Asimovs February 2015)

asimovs1502A story about letting go of the past, and it letting go of you.

Brian is in a new relationship. He likes being grounded through contact with his past, and so has a lot of boxes of belongings from his life with his ex-wife in his flat. However, also in his flat is his new partner, who is quite different – if she hasn’t used something in a year, it’s out for refuse. And added to this equation is Pablo, the ghost of a scientist who Brian has ‘inherited’ following the death of his aunt, whom the scientist adored.

It’s only a half dozen pages long, but feels longer, as Kunsken gets into Brian’s head, and we go back many years to see how his relationship with his aunt changed over the years.

An interesting read, particularly in this age when geneological databases, family history research, and even Facebook can keep you closely attached to the past in a way that wasn’t the case pre-Internet.

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