Cory Doctorow. The Brave Little Toaster. (trsf : The Best New Science Fiction)

A gently humorous, cautionary tale to start the attractive anthology from The Technology Review.

The stories in the volume are themed around new and emergent technologies, and Doctorow looks at the risks in giving just a little too much intelligence to our domestic appliances. If you weren’t worried about your fridge talking to you before this, then you will after reading it. (Me, I worry that I’ll get to the fridge and it will refer me to the fruit bowl until the bathroom scales give the fridge the ok to open the door again).

It’s nicely told, and it’s a shame (IMHO) that Doctorow is able to make his living from writing stuff other than fiction. The guy should be locked up in an attic and forced to write more fiction*.

* I should point out for the sake of clarity that I’m not actually promoting his kidnapping, incarceration and Kathy Bates’ ‘Misery’-style enforced writing.

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