Clarkesworld Magazine #124, January 2017

Online here.

Stories this issue :

Rich Larson. The Ghost Ship Anastasia. In my review I noted it an excellent start to the issue, and well worth the read.

Vina Jie-Min Prasa. A Series of Steaks. I noted it “..a story from a (young?) Singaporean writer, new to me, which shows a lot of promise.”

Lettie Prell. Justice Systems in Quantum Parallel Probabilities

Gary Kloster. Interchange

Lorenzo Crescentinia nd Emanuela Valentini (translated by Rich Larson). Milla. Translated from the original Italian version scheduled to appear in Living Force Magazine, Issue 49.

John Kessel. Events Preceding the Helvetican Renaissance. First published in The New Space Opera 2, where I notedhere“>reviewed it I noted it was a ‘ a welcoming non-western/eurocentric, non-male perspective.”

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