Christopher Rowe. The Unveiling. (Asimovs January 2015)

asimovs1501Dangnabbit I was just getting into the story when I realised that there was a last half page and there was that little black square signifying that Rowe was bringing the story to a close!

Rowe doesn’t write that much (at least not that I get to read) but it’s always inventive and detailed, and this is no different, describing with quite a lot of detail that brings it to life, a work crew on an alien planet, plagued by dirty rain, scrubbing away at municipal statues, and clearing away rubbish. The long shifts, working conditions, living conditions put the reader into the place, and when there’s a sudden dramatic incident, you’re thinking that Rowe’s set the scene perfectly and the story is going to ratchet up and full speed ahead. Except it don’t. Do’h.

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