Christie Yant. This Is as I Wish to Be Restored. (Lightspeed #79, December 2016)

Online here.

A couple of thousand words, and well worth the small investment of your time.

A senior exec has all that remains of a young woman who, facing a terminal illness, opted for a cryonic option : she has a photograph of the young woman (which has enchanted the exec), a handwritten post-it with a short note (the title of the story) written on it, and she has a large vacuum flask in the corner of her apartment holding the frozen remains of the young woman.

The ‘story’ consists of the exec reflecting on her career in the cryonics industry, issues faced over the years by the company, the young woman, and what that young woman wanted, and what the exec wants…

An author new to me, although she has had short SF published in a number of sources of late.

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