Interzone #263, March/April 2016

Stories by Alexander Marsh Freed, Christopher Fowler, Michelle Ann King, Jeffrey Thomas, Rich Larson, E. Catherine Tobler.

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Interzone #262, Jan-Feb 2016

Fiction by Mercurio D. Rivera, Rahul Kanakia, Carole Johnstone, T.R. Napper, Philip A. Suggars, and Ian Sales. Cover art by Vincent Sammy.

Asimovs September 2015

Stories from Brenda Cooper, Sean Monaghan, Jim Grimsley, Jason Sanford, Sam J. Miller, Vylar Kaftan, Peter Wood, with Miller and Sanford the pick of the issue for me.

Asimovs March 2015

Suzanne Palmer starts the issue off with a strong story (overcoming the handicap of not having the first page of the story printed!)

Interzone #256 Jan-Feb 2015

Stories by Bonnie Jo Stufflbeam, T.R. Napper, Neil Williamson, Pandora Hope, Christien Gholson. Cover by Martin Hanford. Napper and Williamson the pick of the bunch for me.

Asimovs. January 2015.

The opening story from Rowe ends just when it’s getting going, and apart from that, only O’Connell provides anything that rises above the distinctly average.

Interzone #254 (Sep-Oct 2014)

Some well-crafted stories, but an issue that feels just a little light on the fiction, with four short stories and novelettes that aren’t quite as substantial as you might like

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March/April 2014.

Clearly something is wrong with the time-space continuum as there’s way too much content to fit into even 250-odd pages, and it must be something to do with superdense dark matter that has meant I’ve been reading the issue since April. And there’s some excellent stories in the issue.

Asimovs June 2014

Book-ended by stories at the beginning and end of the volume which I enjoyed, but with the rest of the issue not doing as much for me.

Interzone #250 (Jan-Feb 2014)

A landmark issue with a stunning cover and stories from Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, David Tallerman, C. Allegra Hawksmoor, Rebecca Campbell, Greg Kurzawa, Caroline M. Yoachim, and Georgine Bruce, with the first two offering the strongest stories.

Asimovs. January 2014.

Stories this month from : de Bodard, Collins, Kress, McHugh, Jablonksy, Tem, with Collins and Jablonsky the pick of the bunch.

Asimovs. December 2013.

After a couple of weak opening stories, the issue gathers momentum to become an excellent final issue for 2013. Shame about the cover.

Asimovs. October/November 2013.

A bumper double-issue offering ‘a mix of terrifying chills and SF thrills’ : exactly what you want on a muggy mid-August evening. Gregory Frost and Igor Teper the pick of an otherwise average bunch for me..

Asimovs August 2013

Stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Gwendolyn Clare, Jack Skillingstead, Gregory Norman Bossert, Leah Thomas, all good ones.

Asimovs June 2013

Stories by Robert Reed, G. David Nordley, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Eric Del Carlo, Megan Arkenberg. A fairly weak issue, truth be told, with Reed taking up a lot of space, but to slightly less than usual effect.

Asimovs. April/May 2013.

A bit of a curate’s egg of an issue – good in parts, less so in others – stories by Neal Asher, Joel Richards, Colin P. Davies, Alan Wall, Tom Purdon, Linda Nagata, Karl Bunker, Naomi Kritzer, Leah Cypess, Ken Liu.