C.C. Finlay. The Man Who Hanged Three Times. (Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan/Feb 2014)

fsf040102A well-crafted story from Finlay, whose title and opening intrigues the reader. Jeremiah Pritchard is the person unlucky enough to be hanged three times, and we follow the final days of his life, unjustly hanged for the murder of the Chinese woman he lived in sin with.

Set in California, in the small town of Raw Gulch back in the day, the narrator is keen to see Pritchard hang. When we find out exactly why this is so, the story ramps up a notch or two, and continues so to do, with touches of a black irony, as Jeremiah finds the hangman’s noose tightening around his neck too many times for comfort.

There are some dark secrets to be revealed before the shining light can appear. Hallelujah and puh-raise the lord for victry!

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