Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year, Third Annual Collection. ed. del Rey, 1974

Alfred Bester. Something Up There Likes Me.
Originally in : Astounding

A satellite with a technical problem after launch is given a jolt in order to make it work properly. The electrical surge has a more dramatic effect.

Norman Spinrad. A Thing of Beauty.
Originally in : Analog Science Fact/Science Fiction, January 1973

The USA is reduced to selling historic sites for hard cash to the Japanese. One collector has an eye for the unusual.

George R. R. Martin. With Morning Comes Mistfall.
Originally in : Analog Science Fact/Science Fiction, April 1973.

Castle Cloud sits on a mountain, where each night mistfall brings tales of demons, and tourists. But can the planet withstand the scientific exploration seeking to identify whether anything lurks in the mist?

Clifford D. Simak. Construction Shack.
Originally in : Worlds of If Science Fiction February 1973

What secrets does Pluto hold?

Thomas N. Scortia. Thou Good and Faithful.
Originally in : Two Views of Wonder

Berrigan’s World, following his death, has a faithful population. But their willingness to help makes life rough for them. Rough. Rough.

Edward Wellen. Androids Don’t Cry.
Originally in : Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1973

An android visits the bereaved family of a spacer killed in an accident.

Theodore R. Cogswell. The Population Implosion.
Originally in : Astounding

Logic suggests..

Michael Kurland. Think Only This of Me.
Originally in : Galaxy November 1973

Against a backdrop of VR/pseudo-historical theme parks, an elderly longevity enhanced man meets a much younger genmod woman who is more than she seems.

Robert F. Young. Ghosts.
Originally in : Worlds of If, February 1973

Sensitive tale of Jenny and Jim who live on after their creator passes away.

Poul Anderson. The Problem of Pain.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, February 1973

A Christian reviews his faith following his experiences with another race in which he loses his love.

R.A. Lafferty. Parthen.
Originally in : Galaxy

Aliens land and inform the earth that one half of the population is redundant, and the other will be enslaved. But Roy Ronsard (and all his mates) don’t worry too much about it – never had the girls been so pretty.

Norman Spinrad. National Pastime.
Originally in : Nova 3

TV pressures gridiron into every more brutal rules.

Cogswell Thomas. Paradise Regained.
Originally in : Saving Worlds

Offworld penal colony struggles to realise an Earth-like environment.

Kate Wilhelm. Whatever Happened to the Olmecs?
Originally in : Fantasy & Science Fiction, October 1973

A scientist comes across evidence that challenges him to take desperate measures.

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