Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year Tenth Annual Collection. ed. Dozois. 1981

Howard Waldrop The Ugly Chickens.
Originally in : Universe 10

A researcher finds evidence that the Dodo may have survived a little longer in the Deep South, ah say, may have survived a little longer. But not that much longer. Damn those finger lickin’ recipes. A recipe for disaster in fact.

Larry Niven The Green Marauder
Michael Swanwick The Feast of St. Janis
Isaac Asimov The Last Answer

George R R Martin Nightflyers
Originally in : Analog April 1980

Far future in which researchers hire a spaceship to seek the legendary Volcryn. The ship’s master has a ghostly presence on the ship, with an even ghostlier presence behind him. This malevolent presence takes a dislike to the crew members, and bad things start to happen. A cross between HAL of 2001, Alien, and Norman Bates.

Edward Bryant Strata
James Tiptree Jr Slow Music
Naomi Mitchison The Finger
Gene Wolfe War Beneath the Tree

Suzy McKee Charnas. Unicorn Tapestry.
Originally in : New Dimensions 11.

A female psychologist is fascinated by a client who claims to be a vampire. We follow her deep into the dynamics of her attempted therapeutic interventions and her growing emotional attachment. She finds out that he is indeed a vampire, albeit not a be-caped and be-fanged vampire, who preys on the low-life on the mean streets. We get deep into the mind of the long-living vampire to a degree rarely seen outside of psychology manuals. Wish I’d known though that the vampire had appeared in ‘The Ancient Mind at Work’ (Omni, 1979) the previous year, as I would have read that first! Winner of the Best Novella Award

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