Best Science Fiction of the Year 7. ed Terry Carr. 1978

John Varley. Lollipop and the Tar Baby.
Originally in : Orbit 19

Spider and Jeanne Robinson. Stardance.
Originally in : Analog, March 1997.

Michael Bishop. The House of Compassionate Sharers.
Originally in : Cosmos

Raccoona Sheldon. The Screwfly Solution.
Originally in : Analog, June 1977

Vona N. McIntyre. Aztects.
Originally in : 2076: the American Tricentennial.

Lee Killough. Tropic of Eden.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 1977

Bruce McAlliser. Victor.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 1977

Lisa Tuttle. The Family Monkey.
Originally in : New Voices in Science Fiction

Fritz Leiber. A Rite of Spring.
Originally in : Universe 7

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