Asimovs September 2015


Brenda Cooper. Biology at the End of the World.

Fairly routine scientist fiction, more of an Analog than an Asimovs story to my mind. Best SF Review here

Jim Grimsley. The God Year.

The residents of Muglet-on-Stumpings are to receive a visitation… Best SF Review here

Jason Sanford. Duller’s Peace.

Oppression and nano-level surveillance – resist or comply? Best SF Review here

Sam J. Miller. Calved.

The fourth really strong story from Miller I’ve read in the last 12 months or so. Best SF Review here

Vylar Kaftan. Last Hunt.

When a star descends from the night sky, it brings someone/thing, and Little Grandfather must make a decision. Best SF Review here

Peter Wood. Searching for Commander Parsec.

Commander Parsec – cheesy Golden Age of radio drama serial hero, or..? Best SF Review here

Sean Monaghan. The Molenstraat Music Festival.

The issue closes with a story that is has lot of sfnal background to it, but the crux of the story is minimally sfnal. Best SF Review here


Miller and Sanford the pick of the issue for me.

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