Amy Sterling Casil. In the Time of Love. (Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2015)

fsf150506The protagonist finds that the time machine he is able to make on his 3D printer, based on some design outputs from theoretical quantum cleverness from his tenure-seeking brainiac wife, enables him to a) cheat even more on her and have lots more sex with his hottie girlfriend b) help his wife put in the hours to get tenure and as a consequence c) get his wife to forgive him for a).

I think that in mathematical terms Casel is postulating a-b=c. I’m not being much of a mathematician, but that might makes it a zero-sum equation. My argument with the story having a happy ending is that this a good output for him, but not really one he deserves as he is such a bell-end (US: douchebag). I’d have much preferred to have seen him get some just desserts!

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