Aliette de Bodard. Memorials. (Asimovs January 2014)

asimovs1401Part of de Bodard’s ‘Xuya’ series of stories, although one not part of the excellent recent spaceship-set stories, but ‘also somewhere in the 22nd Century but in another corner of space altogether’ according to her timeline.

The story revolves around Cam, a young girl struggling with the pressures of familial piety amongst her community who who have fled from a terrible pogrom, a lover who is pregnant, and a ‘job’ the she hates but sees not way out of. She is perhaps guilty of betrayal of her elders, appropriating memory chips of aged ones who choose not to upload, but selling on those memories for profit. There is the usual mannered exchanges between generations, bot real and virtual, but a policewoman who is suddenly on to her causes Cam to review her options, and she finds out that she wasn’t on top of things quite as well as she should be.

Hopefully there’ll be more in this timeline, and I’ll remember enough about it when it comes by! Nice BTW to have a story with purely female characters, thus avoiding any need to have plot driven by hairy-arsed testosterone!

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