August 2013

Individual Stories Reviews

Lavie Tidhar. The Memcordist. (Year’s Best Science Fiction Thirtieth Annual Collection)

Tidhar provides quality, neatly picking up the gap left by Charles Stross not writing much in the way of short SF these days. Here he follows, in an nonlinear fashion, the thoughts and actions of a man whose entire life is shared with the farfuture version of twitter/facebook etc.

Individual Stories Reviews

Paul McAuley. The Man. (Year’s Best Science Fiction Thirtieth Annual Collection)

Set in McAuley’s Jackaroo universe, a great little story of an elderly beachcomber who finds a man at her remote door. Who he was, or what he is, is a mystery, perhaps tied in with the ancient semi-submerged alien factories on the nearby beaches of the remote planet gifted to humanity by the Jackaroo.