Zachary Jernigan. Pairs. (Asimovs, August 2011).

A first appearance in Asimovs for Jernigan, and it’s a good one. Not an uplifting story by any means, as it follows the remnants of humanity, our homeworld and race all but annhilated by an alien race. Arihant, or what is left of him, is an ethereal creature, in servitude on a spaceship which travels between the many inhabitated planets out there, selling similarly disembodied fellow human survivors as souls in projection cubes, to entertain those who buy them. The story addresses his response to his situation, his relationship with a fellow human, and his aggressive owner. It’s well-written, and assured.

One thought on “Zachary Jernigan. Pairs. (Asimovs, August 2011).

  1. Thanks for the review, Mark. I’m glad the story, as dark as it is, was ultimately a rewarding read. I’d be interested to see what you think of my upcoming story in Asimov’s, “The War is Over and Everyone Wins.” I think it will be out in January.

    Take care!

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