World’s Best Science Fiction : 1966. Donald Wollheim/Terry Carr (eds), 1966

Arthur C. Clarke Sunjammer
Ron Goulart Calling Dr. Clockwork
Larry Niven Becalmed in Hell
Vernor Vinge Apartness
Clifford D. Simak Over the River and Through the Woods
James H. Schmitz Planet of Forgetting
Harlan Ellison “Repent, Harlequin!” said the Ticktockman.
Joseph Green The Decision Makers
David I. Masson Traveler’s Rest
Lin Carter Uncollected Works
Jonathan Brand Vanishing Point
R A Lafferty In Our Block
Fred Saberhagen Masque of the Red Shift
Christopher Anvil The Captive Djinn
Fritz Leiber The Good New Days

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