Will McIntosh. Dancing With a Stranger in the Land of Nod. (The End Has Come, 2015)

theendhascomeThe third of McIntosh’s ‘Land of Nod’ series, in which he created a memorable plague that leaves most of the population rigid, immobile, save for the nodding of their heads.

Death is not part of the plague, and if the victims have someone to look after them, life (after a fashion) can continue. This story follows a young mother and wife, taking a drive with her husband and son, fleeing the big city of Denver. It quickly become clear that the pair in the back of the SUV are victims of the disease, and she is doing her best to keep them alive. But when she meets a man with his wife and daughter similarly in tow, this brings to a head the question of whether it is best for the victims to be kept alive…

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