Vernon Hedrick. Kids These Days. (Asimovs December 2014)

ASFD14CoverHedrick takes a look at loss, on both an individual and meta level, at children who leave you, and at parents who leave you.

The protagonist is turning to his home town, not a place of happiness since his mother died a few years ago, and less so now that his father is in hospital after a major stroke, with the prognosis not good. He is able to reflect on his relationship with his father, his siblings, and realises how little he knows his father. And this is effectively set against a backdrop of alienation with the younger generation, the ‘Kids’, who have a capital K as they have embraced technology, and networking to a degree that is making them almost a race apart. And as the story progresses we see that they are in fact becoming a race apart, a sort of slightly lower-key Childhood’s End.

Well handled by Hedrick, avoiding maudlin sentimentality.

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