The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy Second Annual Volume ed Judith Merril 1957

John Bernard Daley. The Man Who Liked Lions.
Originally in Infinity Science Fiction, October 1956.

Mr. Kemper has been on Earth for millenia and finds little to differentiate the creatures in cages at the zoo from those staring in at them. Full Best SF Review here.

C.M. Kornbluth The Cosmic Expense Account
Cited as being from : The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, Sixth Series. Originally in Fantasy and Science Fiction January 1956, with the title ‘The Cosmic Charge Account’.

A story that would sit nicely in today’s F&SF with only a few changes – blackly comic and satirical, it features two men setting out into zombie-infested territory. Full Best SF Review here.

Theodore L Thomas The Far Look
E L Malpas When Grandfather Flew to the Moon
R Bretnor The Doorstop
Algis Budrys Silent Brother
Damon Knight Stranger Station
Isaac Asimov Each an Explorer
Randall Garrett All About ‘The Thing’
Ray Russell Put Them All Together, They Spell Monster
Robert Nathan Digging the Weans
Roger Thorne Take a Deep Breath
Robert Abernathy Grandma’s Lie Soap
Mack Reynolds Compound Interest
J G Ballard Prima Belladonna
Theodore Sturgeon The Other Man
Garson Kanin The Damnedst Thing
Zenna Henderson Anything Box

3 thoughts on “The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy Second Annual Volume ed Judith Merril 1957

  1. Anything box is an excellent story about a little girl with an imaginary box, that she looks into to see what she wishes was true. Her teacher realizes the box is real and can alter reality if you just believe in it…

  2. I’m looking for a short story I read as a boy. I don’t recall the author but the title was “ Halcyon Days”. If you know anything about it I would love the information. Thank you, Charles

  3. Hi. If the title is correct then a search of is generally successful as that is a comprehensive resource. However, I’ve just tried that as a title search on there, without success.

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