The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015 (ed Rich Horton, Prime 2015)

horton2015The last of this year’s annual SF anthologies for me to scan and put on the shelves to be Read At A Later Date. Contents below, with links to reviews of those stories which I did read last year.

Derek Kunksen. Schools of Clay. Originally in Asimovs, February 2014, and in my Best SF Review I noted some issues I had with it.

Eleanor Arnason. The Scrivener. Originally in Subterranean, Winter 2014. And still online

Hannu Rajaniemi. Invisible Planets. Originally in Reach for Infinity, where I noted in my Best SF Review – ‘A good read that reflects, deep deep in space, about humanity, and with, perhaps, more hidden within?’

K.J. Parker. Heaven Thunders The Truth. Originally in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 2 October 2014, and still online

Sandra McDonald. Selfie. Originally in Lightspeed, March 2014. And still online.

Richard Parks. The Manor of Lost Time. Originally in Beneath Ceaseless Skiess, 26 June 2014, and still online.

Sofia Samatar. How to get Back to the Forest. Originally in Lightspeed Magazine, March 2014. And still online.

Yoon Ha Lee. Wine. Originally in Clarkesworld Magazine, January 2014. And still online

Robert Reed. Every Hill Ends With Sky. Originally in Carbide Tipped Pens.

Damien Ober. The Endless Sink. Originally in LCRW September 2014.

Ken Liu. The Long Haul, from The Annals of Transportation, The Pacific Monthly, May 2009. Originally in Clarkesworld Magazine, November 2014. And still online

Alaya Dawn Johnson. The Fruits of Hawai’i. Originally in Fantasy & Science Fiction July/August 2014, where in my Best SF Review I noted ‘a strong story from Johnson, looking closely at relationships between humans and the vampires who have taken over the world.’

John Grant. Ghost Story. Interzome, March/April 2014. In my Best SF Review I noted ‘..more of a ghost story than F or SF’.

Charlie Jane Anders. Break! Break! Break! Originally in The End is Night, where I noted in my Best SF Review ‘..a high-octane pell-mell rush through schooldays/daze’.

Kathleen Jennings. Skull and Hyssop. Originally in : LCRW, December 2014.

James Patrick Kelly. Someday. Originally in Asimovs April/May 2014. In my Best SF Review I noted ‘..a shortish story that takes a peek at some big issues’.

Theodora Goss. Cimmeria : from The Journal of Imaginary Anthropology. Originally published in Lightspeed Magazine, July 2014 and still online.

Analee Newitz. Drones Don’t Kill People. Originally published in Lightspeed Magazine, December 2014, and still online.

Kelly Link. I Can See Right Through You. Originally published in McSweeney’s 48.

Cory Doctorow. Petard: a Tale of Just Deserts. Originally published in Twelve Tomorrows.

Patricia Russo. The Wild and Hungry Times. Originally published in Not One of Us, September 2014.

Adam Roberts. Trademark Bugs : a legal history. Originally published in Reach for Infinity. In my Best SF Review I noted ‘..a wry take on the pharma companies and just how low they would stoop in the search for profits, and just how limited the response by governments and the public at large might be.’.

Paul Cornell. A Better Way to Die. Originally published in ‘Rogues’.

Alexander Jablokov. The Instructive Tale of the Archaelogist and his Wife. Originally published in Asimovs July 2014, where I noted in my Best SF Review it was ‘an intriguing, thoughtful read.’

Benjamin Rosenbaum. Fift & Shria. Originally published in ‘Solaris Rising 3’, where in my Best SF Review I noted ‘an inventive story.. through the eyes of youngsters where birth order is more important than usual’.

Tom Crosshill. The Magician and Laplace’s Demon. Originally published in Clarkesworld December 2014, and still online.

Elizabeth Bear. The Hand is Quicker -. Originally published in ‘The Book of Silverberg’

Jo Walton. Sleeper. Originally published in, August 2014. In my Best SF Review I noted ‘a clever story from Walton with a lot in it to like..’

Rachel Swirsky. Grande Jete (the Great Leap). Originally published in Subterranean, Summer 2014, and still online.

Robert Reed. Pernicious Romance. Clarkesworld Magazine, November 2014, and still online.

C.S.E. Cooney. Witch, beast, saint: an erotic fairy tale. Originally published in Strange Horizons, 21 July 2014, and still online.

Peter Watts. Collateral. Originally in ‘Upgraded’.

Genevieve Valentine. Aberration. Originally in ‘Fearsome Magics’

Timmons Esaias. Sadness. Originally in Analog, July/August 2014.


Horton provides a representative sample of the Best SFF from across the various publication sources, print and online. : kindle | : book | : kindle | : book

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