The Year’s Best Science Fiction. 34th Annual Collection. (ed Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Griffin, 2017).

Now (mid-Aug 2017) delivered into my eager hands, it will take a while to read this latest edition. Keep checking back…

Lavie Tidhar. Terminal.
First published online on in April 2016 and still online
“Excellent ..a well-written, subtle bit of writing” I noted in my review last year.

Carolyn Ives Gilman. Touring with the Alien.
First publishe online on Clarkesworld Magazine #115, April 2016, and still online.
One of my picks of 2016, a ‘tour de force’ I noted in my review last year.

Matthew Caxton. Patience Lake.
Originally published in Asimovs, August 2017.
A story that grabs you straight away, and keeps you (or at least it did me) reading to the end. Full review here.

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