The Tenth Annual of the Year’s Best SF. Judith Merril. Simon & Schuster 1965

Kit Reed. Automatic Tiger.
Richard Wilson. The Carson Effect.
Arthur C. Clarke. The Shining Ones.
Mack Reynolds. Pacifist.
Stephen Becker. The New Encyclopaedist.
John D. MacDonald. The Legend of Joe Lee.
James D. Houston. Gas Mask.
Russell Baker. A Sinister Metamorphosis.
Rick Raphael. Sonny.
Josef Nesvadba. Weapon of the Third Reich.
Thomas M. Disch. Descending.
Romain Gary. Decadence.
Fritz Leiber. Be of Good Cheer.
Frank Roberts. It Could Be You.
James T. Farrell. A Benefactor of Humanity.
Hap Cawood. Synchromocracy.
Bruce Simmonds. The Search.
Larry Eisenberg. The Pirokin Effect.
Jack Sharkey. The Twerlik.
Roger Zelazny. Ecclesiastes.
J.G. Ballard. The Terminal Beach.
Arthur Porges. Problem Child.
Donald Hall. The Wonderful Dog Suit.
Normal Kagan. The Mathenauts.
Morgan Kent. Family Portrait.
Jose Maria Gironella. The Red Egg.
M.E. White. The Power of Positive Thinking.
Robert Wallace. A Living Doll.
David R. Bunch. Training Talk.
Philip H. Smith and Alan E. Nourse. A Miracle Too Many.
John Brunner. The Last Lonely Man.
Robert Rohrer. The Man Who Found Proteus.
Isaac Bashevis Singer. Yachid and Yechida.

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