The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2016.


Charlotte Ashley. More Heat than Light

“..set in a parallel world where the French Revolution comes to Quebec and revolutionaries take up arms against the English in the monster-ridden wilderness..”

Brian Trent. Last of the Sharkspeakers.

A story from a new(ish) writer, new to F&SF, and a writer new to me. [full review]

Pat MacEwan. Coyote Song

“..combines forensics with three traditions of magic – Cambodian, Native American and Voudoun..”

Rich Larson. The Nostalgia Calculator.

Another smoothly handled and clever story from Larson, and TBH I was surprised to read in the editorial intro that Larson is only 23 years old – he writes like someone twice his age. [full review]

Allora & Calzadilla and Ted Chiang. The Great Silence

Chiang was never a prolific writer back in the day, but his stories (at least as far as I can see) are now as rare as hen’s teeth. [full review]

Joseph Tomaras. Caribou: Documentary Fragments.

A mind-wipe technology is used to explore issues that can be equally well explored without resort to SF [full review]

Albert E. Cowdrey. Steamboat Gothic

“..returns to the fictional suburbs of St. Genevieve Parish, previously visited with ‘The Private Eye’ in our August 2009 issue..”

Susan Palwick. Ash

“..examines the things we make room for, and why ..”

Yukimi Ogawa.The Secret Mirror of Moriyama House

William Ledbetter. The Long Fall Up

Ted Kosmatka. The Stone War

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