The Hugo Winners Volume 4 1976-1979 (ed Isaac Asimov, Doubleday 1985)

I’ve had this on my shelves for goodness how many years, but have just (Feb 2023) noticed it’s absence on the website. So time to remedy that. (I’ve assigned it to an older date to interfile datewise with other volumes in this series).

Here are the contents, and I’m currently working my way through my backlog of Year’s Best volumes (mid 1950s at the moment), so in due course, more details to the stories below will be added.

1976. 34th Convention. Kansas City.
1. Home is the Hangman. Roger Zelazny.
2. The Borderland of Sol. Larry Niven.
3. Catch That Zeppelin! Fritz Leiber.

35th Convention. Miami Beach.
4. By Any Other Name. Spider Robinson.
5. Houston, Houston, Do You Read? James Tiptree Jr.
6. The Bicentennial Man. Isaac Asimov.
7 Tricentennial. Joe Haldeman.

36th Convention. Phoenix.
8. Sundance. Spider and Jeanne Robinson.
9. Eyes of Amber. Joan D. Vinge.
10. Jeffty is Five. Harlan Ellison.

37th Convention. Brighton, England.
11. The Persistence of Vision. John Varley.
12. Hunter’s Moon. Poul Anderson.
13. Cassandra. C.J. Cherryh.

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