The Hugo Winners 1963-1967, ed Isaac Asimov, Sphere, 1973 (orig ‘The Hugo Winners Volume II’ Doubleday 1971)


Hugo Winners Volume II’ followed the first collection of award-winners, but was published in two separate volumes in paperback in the UK in order to keep each volume down to a reasonable size.

Introduced, as was the first volume, by Isaac Asimov. The biggest ego in SF uses the introduction to regale the reader with regard to his editorship of the volumes, and his own two Hugos.

Scroll down for details of winners (summaries to follow)

1962 20th Convention. Chicago.

Best Short Story Award :

‘Hothouse’ series (collected as The Long Afternoon of Earth), Brian W. Aldiss (F&SF Feb, Apr, Jul, Sep, Dec 1961)

This volume is a little remiss in the contents page stating ‘no individual short story selections’, and nothing appearing to represent the year. Asimov’s introduction explains that the award for short fiction went to Aldiss’ series of linked stories which were put together in novel form as ‘The Long Afternoon of Earth’ (UK ‘Hothouse’). Surely it wouldn’t have been out of the question to have included one of the stories by way of an examplar? The first story in the series paints a lush, vivid picture of a far future Earth, which is largely covered by a gigantic banyan-tree, and the denizens, post-human and post-vegetable are woven together in a fantastic imaginative feat.

Other nominees:

  • Lion Loose. James H. Schmitz (Analog Oct 1961)
  • Monument. Lloyd Biggle Jr (Analog Jun 1961)
  • Scylla’s Daughter. Fritz Leiber (Fantastic May 1961)
  • Status Quo. Mack Reynolds (Analog Aug 1961)

1963 21st Convention. Washington.

Best Short Fiction :

The Dragon Masters. Jack Vance.

Summary to follow.

Other nominees:

  • Myrrha. Gary Jennings (F&SF Sep 1962)
  • The Unholy Grail. Fritz Leiber (Fantastic Oct 1962)
  • When You Care, When You Love. Theodore Sturgeon (F&SF Sep 1962)
  • Where Is the Bird of Fire?”. Thomas Burnett Swann (Science Fantasy Apr 1962)

1964 22nd Convention. San Francisco.

Best Short Fiction :

No Truce with Kings. Poul Anderson.

Summary to follow.

Other nominees:

  • Code Three. Rick Raphael (Analog Feb 1963)
  • A Rose for Ecclesiastes. Roger Zelazny (F&SF Nov 1963)
  • Savage Pellucidar. Edgar Rice Burroughs (Amazing Stories Nov 1963)

1965 23rd Convention. London.

Best Short Story:

Soldier, Ask Not. Gordon R. Dickson.

Summary to follow.

Other nominees:

  • Little Dog Gone. Robert F. Young (Worlds of Tomorrow Feb 1964)
  • Once a Cop. Rick Raphael (Analog May 1964)

1966 24th Convention. Cleveland.

Best Short Story :

‘Repent, Harlequin’ said the Ticktockman. Harlan Ellison.

Now this is a story I can read, and read again and again. Short and pared to the bone, if I was editing an SF magazine, I would be tempted to staple a copy of this story to rejection letters as an example of what a short SF story should be. A Hugo and Nebula winner, and its themes of oppression and conformity are as pertinent today as they were forty years ago.

Other nominees:

  • Day of the Great Shout. Philip José Farmer (Worlds of Tomorrow Jan 1965)
  • The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth. Roger Zelazny (F&SF Mar 1965)
  • Marque and Reprisal. Poul Anderson (F&SF Feb 1965)
  • Stardock. Fritz Leiber (Fantastic Sep 1965)

1967 25th Convention. New York.

Best Novelette :

The Last Castle. Jack Vance.

Summary to follow.

Other nominees:

  • The Alchemist. Charles L. Harness (Analog May 1966)
  • Apology to Inky. Robert M. Green Jr (F&SF Jan 1966)
  • Call Him Lord. Gordon R. Dickson (Analog May 1966)
  • The Eskimo Invasion. Hayden Howard (Galaxy Jun 1966)
  • For a Breath I Tarry. Roger Zelazny (Fantastic Sep 1966)
  • The Manor of Roses. Thomas Burnett Swann (F&SF Nov 1966)
  • An Ornament to His Profession. Charles L. Harness (Analog Feb 1966)
  • This Moment of the Storm. Roger Zelazny (F&SF Jun 1966

Best Short Story :

Neutron Star. Larry Niven (If Oct 1966)


  • Comes Now the Power. Roger Zelazny (Magazine of Horror #14 Winter 1966/67)
  • Delusions for a Dragon Slayer. Harlan Ellison (Knight Sep 1966)
  • Light of Other Days. Bob Shaw (Analog Aug 1966)
  • Man In His Time. Brian W. Aldiss (Who Can Replace a Man?)
  • Mr. Jester. Fred Saberhagen (If Jan 1966)
  • Rat Race. Raymond F. Jones (Analog Apr 1966)
  • The Secret Place. Richard McKenna (Orbit 1)

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